Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miners Data?

Miners Data is an online platform that hascollated hundreds of thousands of historical drilling results across manyyears, commodities, exchanges, and jurisdictions. By putting this data all inonce place, it allows the user to quickly and powerfully conduct analysis on ofthis information. Using this data can help inform better trade and investmentdecisions, or assist an industry professional with their work.

Miners Data has a trained team of five data analysts who have worked tirelessly to hand collect the results. By doing this, it ensures that the capture and continuity of project, companies, and results are preserved. Analysts continually check over new data entries for correctness, as well as use technology to ensure inputs are correct.

You can find our pricing page here. Further, Miners Data is tax deductable, and you will be sent an invoice from Stripe upon subscription sign up.

Data is updated at the end of each day. For example, an ASX announcement released in the morningwill be uploaded to the platform for your viewing by the following morning.

We have created an operational guide and YouTube video series walking through the features of the platform.

We do not keep records of any details entered upon sign up process. This is managed by Stripe, a reputable payment gateway.

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