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What is Miners Data?

Miners Data has the most comprehensive database of drill results at your fingertips. With over 80,000 drill results from 500+ companies all over the world, we enable our users to take their analysis to the next level and make better informed investment decisions. Built out of our own frustration we have refined Miners Data to give our users a powerful tool that provides comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information – paving the way for better decisions.

How Miners Data Works

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Real-time Updated

Undertake analysis as new drillresults are released to the market. Benchmark and compare to historical data.


Dashboards for every style and approach of analysis. Research a company, country, specific drill result, or combine them all for a holistic approach.


Let AI do the work for you. Ask any question through our state-of-the-art chat bot and instantly have an answer. Leave the time consuming work in the past and work with modern tools to receive the best analysis.

Global Mapping

Drill down and analyse projects and individual drill results based on their position on the map. Discover nearology plays and unlock powerful information on discount rates and market sentiment across different jurisdictions.

Overlay Financial Data
For the first time, leverage both drill results and financial data on a company to discern actionable insights on their cash balance, market cap and more. Undertake rigorous peer analysis to contrast and compare investment and trade thesis’.


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