Commercial Plans

At Miners Data, we understand the unique needs of brokers, companies, and industry professionals. Our commercial plans are meticulously designed to cater to the specific requirements of businesses, ensuring seamless operations, enhanced productivity, and valuable support.

For private and listed companies, we offer customised packages to use as collateral for capital raises, company presentations, or other material. Better understand your strategic position in the market, and attractively present this to shareholders in both a unique and powerful way. Miners Data offers a portal for companies to use custom branding, as well as leverage our AI tools to select the data that best portrays your business.

For brokers, we have built tailored solutions that offer premium efficiency and support. Harness the power of Miners Data with solutions that allow you to better understand the capital landscape. Efficiently search for nearby companies and use our financial overlays to better understand the capital environment of an area. Filter and analyse a sector basedon commodity, geography, and financial position. Finally, enjoy premium support to capitalise on the additional power of Miners Data and unlock new business capabilities.

Whether you are seeking solution for one user or 10,000 – Miners Data offers a solution that is right for you. Take advantage of our advanced visualisation packages to build a suite of tools that drives value for your staff and clients. Or use our intuitive API’s to directly access and query the Miners Data databases, plugging into your existing models and platform. Enjoy unapparelled support no matter the solution.

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